Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Business

Video conferencing software is a software application that supports the sharing of a single video source to multiple destinations, allowing a video teleconference to occur. They are a popular alternative to traditional teleconferencing for small organizations that do not require a phone system’s added security or portability. The software makes the connection between a person […]

What Does the Future of Networking Look Like?

The world is developing at a rapid pace, with new technology emerging every day. Worries about the future of the Internet are becoming more prevalent as more researchers voice concerns about the potential consequences of the next major technological leap. The networking industry is not immune to this new paradigm either. New techniques are being […]

Reviewing Your Green Practices – What To Consider

Have you ever wondered whether or not your business is as green as you think it is? Or, if you’ve ever wondered if you’re doing enough to conserve resources and reduce your carbon footprint? If so, green practices are crucial to your energy and water use efficiency, green building, and green waste reduction. We all […]

A Few Key Tricks to Help Your Small Business Effectively Manage Employees

Our nation’s small businesses employ more than 35 million workers and generate $1.2 trillion in annual sales. But, despite the number and size of these businesses, many of them face unique challenges, and many of those challenges stem from a lack of employee management. As a business owner, one of the most important things you […]

Should I Start My Business as a Sole Proprietor or a Limited Liability Company?

You’ve decided that you’d like to start a business. But the next step is the hard part-what business do you want to start? While there are many types of businesses, and many options available to choose from, the most common and traditional forms of business ownership are sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. If you’ve been […]

How to Start a Beekeeping Business  

Beekeeping has quietly become an industry of national importance, with the value of hives in the United States alone reaching more than $100 billion. While the practice is not new, the rapid growth of the current industry has made it more popular, accessible, and lucrative than ever before. As of today, you can buy bees, […]

So, What Skills do you Need to be an Entrepreneur?

Many entrepreneurs will have an in-born talent for business and opportunity. Others will have to learn the skills and develop the qualities that are required to succeed in business and create a company successful enough to be employing other people. So, let us think, during the next few minutes, just what is going to be […]