ReClick Review

Faster and smarter way to build an email list, or total BS? We tested ReClick so you can see the results for yourself.

Copy and Paste List Building

Do you know the one thing in internet marketing that never changes and everyone from big companies to home based entrepreneurs are doing?

The answer is list building.  Despite the constant flow of trends and loopholes an email list remains the top asset any online company posses.  It is the only assets that is truly yours and no changes in the algorithm or TOS can change that like with SEO, social media or paid traffic.

Now what if you could build a simple copy and paste list? A one that doesn’t require building out tons of landing pages, having therm integrated with your sites,  or writing any code? That’s exactly what Reclick promises, let’s see if it delivers.

Inside Review of RECLICK

reclickOne of the first things you will notice about this software is how fast it is. Now I’m used to bulky plugins that you have to upload to your own site to create, but this feels more like Lead Pages with speed.

Except reclick seems to have a more intuitive and interactive dashboard. I was able to start creating my first Light Box without any tutorials or videos.

You have 3 template choices.

  • Lightbox – this is similar to a small pop up on a site that has optin, banner or poll and survey
  • Floating Bar – a banner style floating bar with opt-in or without
  • Slide-in – simialr to light box but slides in with optin, banner or social profile

For my first project I decided to go with Lightbox that will be a poll and survey. Take a look below.

reclick sample

As you can see the visitors has a choice between paid traffic and free. Once they make their selection I offer to send them a traffic source of their choice (paid or free) if they input their email.

As simple project like this took me 5 minutes to complete and adding it to my site was even easier.

Remember when I talked about copy and paste list building?

Once you have your lightbox, slide-in or floating bar done all you have to do is install plugin on your WordPress blog and paste the code in. That’s it, no activating sites, adding each one individually.

So is it worth?

I have to say, heck yeah, even for the speed and simplicity alone. It is hard to find a cloud based software that includes different styles, template and the ability to analyze as well as split test for such a price. Most services that offer this cost between $47 and $97 per month.

So you definitely can’t go wrong with this and it will most likely pay for itself in one campaign. However, I do recommend getting the pro upgrade as it will include even more templates and ways to increase conversions.

So what are you waiting for? Grab Reclick below now